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 Left Foot Gas Pedal and Portable Hand Controls
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Welcome to the only lift on the market with no platform that lifts the person & chair together.  The Superarm requires much less parking space than ramp options. Superarm Lifts have a 600lb. weight capacity and do not block doorways. The Superarm is made for vans, minivans and motorhomes.


We offer you the safest, quietest and most economical lift available. 

Don’t get boxed in to a conversion package every time you get a new vehicle. Just transfer the Superarm from vehicle to vehicle after using the how to measure sheet for vans. (This will ensure that the lift, the person and the chair all work together in the new vehicle.)
We offer Superarm models that will accommodate some 
mini vans, full size vans, motor homes, RV’s, diesel pushers, 
fifth wheels and toy haulers. Our Superarm lifts are VA accepted.

The average life of most other lift options is 5-7 years; however the Superarm Lift has been known to perform for 10-15 years or more.

Van Lifts (for up to 34” floor to ground)


Motor Home Lift (for up to 34” floor to ground)
The Motor Home Lift works wonderful in Sprinters to accommodate their additional interior height. 

Basement Motor Home Lift
(for 34” – 50” floor to ground)

Designed for rental cars or borrowed vehicles... this attaches easily to the pedals with wing nuts, then straps over the steering column, and you are all set to go*.

* (Portable control for temporary use only, vehicle must have power brakes & power steering. Must have unimpaired use of hands and arms.)

for more detailed information on the 

 Portable Hand Control

 A pedal is installed on the left side of the brake; this pushes down on the  regular vehicle pedal.

(easily removable for other drivers)

CLICK HERE  for more detailed information on the  left foot gas pedal and many other accessories that we manufacture or distribute.


The Accelerator Shield is used to prevent inadvertent acceleration due to a leg spasm or by a prosthetic leg. 
The Accelerator Shield can be used with the Left Foot Gas Pedal.
(easily removable for other drivers)

All of our Driving Control Products are manufactured from stainless steel and 6061-T6 Aluminum.

Please allow us to assist you in finding the best solution for your needs and aligning you with a distributor and, or installer near you.

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Home of the
SuperArm Lift, Left Foot Gas Pedal 
and Portable Hand Controls