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Brochures & Instructions for How to Measure 


Van and Mini Van Measuring instructions:
A person must have enough room to sit upright in their wheelchair inside the van.
  • In order to determine this, measure from the ground to the top of the person’s head. Next, measure the van ceiling to floor (not the door opening) to be sure that they have at least 1” of clearance inside the van.

The person must have enough room to pass through the door opening between the lift and passenger seat along with the inch arm.

  • In order to determine this, measure from the vehicles rear wheel hump forward inches (6 inches for the body of the lift and 3½ inches in arm width). At this measurement point, place a marker of some kind. Of those 9½ inches, 3½ inches must be in a position to pass through the door. 
  • Measure from the -inch marker forward in the vehicle to the back of the passenger seat.
  • Take the measurement from your marker to seat or the door frame.(which ever is reached first.) 
  • The width of the person’s wheelchair at its widest point cannot exceed that measurement. 
  • The "Body" of the Superarm is 49 inches tall, but can be cut down to 44 inches for mini vans.

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The Superarm Lift is versatile and will work in nearly all makes and models of vans, mini-vans and motor coaches.