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Our Story

The need for a hand driving control for disabled persons was realized when the originator of Handicaps Inc.,Mr. Jerry Kittle
 was seriously injured in an automobile  accident in April, 1954. Mr. Kittle was  hospitalized for thirteen months. The final  month of his hospital stay was spent in  physical therapy to build up his strength. During these many months, he designed his first hand control. While in therapy, he built the control he had designed, and upon release from the hospital, installed the hand control and drove away. It worked beautifully.

While he was in the hospital and designing his set of hand controls, it aroused quite a bit of interest from other patients. Many of them wanted hand controls on their vehicles when they were released. The doctors in the physical therapy department spoke with Mr. Kittle about the hand controls he was making and showed great interest, asking him about making hand controls for their patients. After being released from the hospital, he got a job in the daytime, but spent his evenings and weekends building the hand controls as the orders came rolling in. As the business expanded, it was moved to his mother's garage.

Later, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation of Colorado contacted Mr. Kittle and asked him to make hand controls for their clients. In view of this, a company was started at that time called Handi-Controls. We built hand controls under that name until June of 1959 when we incorporated under the name HANDICAPS, INC. It was at that time that advertising  was begun, as well as  selling on a nationwide  basis. Mr Kittle then  began designing other  driving aids. He also  designed and  constructed a number of various custom items; lifts, bathtub hoists, hoists for transferring people in and out of beds, cars, etc... Building items that helped people to go out and get jobs and become completely independent and useful persons. Handicaps, Inc. no longer gets involved in making custom items, as we have so many standard items that keep us very busy.

 By 1962 the company was growing very rapidly. This was due to good advertising, good quality equipment and most of all the good service that was extended to our customers.
 As the years went by,  Handicaps, Inc.'s main  objective was to do a good  job of aiding disabled  persons to drive safely and to become completely  independent persons in their driving and mobility. In March of 1975 Mr. Kittle and his partner Mr. Royce decided to separate, and Mr. Royce formed his own company. From that time on, Mr Royce's company became an agent, or distributor, for Handicaps Inc. Products.

 Since that time, Handicaps, Inc. Has specialized in its line of "SUPERGRADE HAND CONTROLS" as well as the "SUPERARM LIFT". The Superarm lift is the most unique, compact, and dependable lift ever invented. It is something we are very proud of.

 In November of 1999, Jerry Kittle our brilliant founder passed away. Though his presence is missed, Handicaps Inc. continues to make life accessible to the disable community. Currently operated by Jerry's children and grandchildren, for whom mobility driving equipment has always been a part of their life. Combined they have more than 150 years of professional experience in the design, production, and sales for the Handicaps Inc. product line.

 It has always been our desire to supply high quality equipment at reasonable prices. We strive to keep prices at a minimum and quality at a premium.  Over 90 percent of our components are manufactured at our factory in Colorado.  We are proud to use US distributors for all other components.

Please contact our Relationships Department to discuss your needs and to let us help you locate a dealer/installer who will provide you with a versatile, economical, and practical solution to your needs.

We will look forward to helping you!

Geraldine O'Dell - President
Jeanenne Phillips - Master Technician
Team Handicaps Inc.